Travel beats - Travel to your own beat!

American novelist and painter Henry Miller once said:
“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.”

The team at Eats & Retreats couldn't agree more, which is why our website not only lists some of the most diverse and appealing villas and apartments in the world, but also includes in-depth, insider guides and articles on all the destinations we offer.

The writers in our Travel Beats section come from a wide range of backgrounds, and between them have traversed the globe several times over in search of new experiences and inspirations. Some of the contributors are based in the countries they describe, others write as they travel, providing insights into new locations, tastes and adventures in their own style, with honest appraisals, an eye for detail, and plenty of tips to help you decide if a particular continent, country or location is the best place to choose for your next villa holiday.

A genuine feel

Unlike traditional online magazines painting pages with poetic descriptions and touched up photos, at Eats & Retreats we prefer a more dynamic, comprehensive approach and our Travel Beats are therefore written to give you a genuine feel for the places featured on our signature site.

Bucket lists

Our destination guides include top 5 'bucket list' choices that provide a quick reference to the highlights of a particular country, city or island escape. More intense feature articles then go into more detail, focusing on a range of attractions, culinary experiences, activities and cultural sights in each country, city, town or beach resort. Each story is written from a personal perspective with observations, suggestions and honest criticism, all designed to give our visitors a rounded perspective and help them make informed choices when planning their villa holiday.

Fascinating insights

Eats & Retreats travel beats provide fascinating insights that go far beyond the usual sales speak other wise so common. The concept is as much a modern online travel magazine as it is a functional web resource. Our writers are not afraid to "say it how it is", and we firmly believe their opinions and observations add depth and interest that will inspire people to visit many of the places in the articles and experience them first hand.

Explore the world

The Travel Beats are a constant work in progress, with new features on new destinations added to the archives all the time. This means you can explore the world, research your favourite places and holiday pursuits in detail, then make informed holiday plans well beyond simply choosing the perfect villa or apartment to stay in. Travel beats open the globe to you at home so you can match your trip to your personal desires and aspirations and "travel to your own beat".

Eats & Retreats - Travel to your own beat